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    Signature Facials (1 hour)

If you are enjoying a relaxing day at the spa or if you are seeking regular treatments for your skin care, our advanced and specially trained staff will address all of your needs. Our estheticians create customized, individual and dynamic treatments that utilize the finest products.

Raspberry Peach Facial w. Goju Berry (All Skin Types)                   *$60

Achieve that beautiful, healthy glow we all want, thanks to all the antioxidants packed ito this revitalizing facial. Your skin will feel softer and moisturized with pumpkin and hibiscus flower enzymes.

Coconut Papaya Facial (Sensitive & Rosacea)                                             *$60                                  

Coconut and Papaya enzymes gently dissolve dead skin cells revealing smoother, youthful looking skin, ideal for dry, rough, and mature skin

Pomegranate Facial (Combination/Oily, Sun Damage, Mild Acne)     *$60

 Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant which also brightens the skin. The synergistic blends of mild Alpha and Beta Hydroxyl acids help to promote deep hydration, reduce oiliness, and brighten dark spots caused by scarring and uv damage.

Lemon Zest  Facial  (Anti-aging, Dry, Dehydrated, Sun Damage)         *$80

Renew your skin with the antioxidant and brightening benefits of lemon. It deeply hydrates reducing the appearance of fine lines, as well as protecting the skin  from environmental damage, Arbutin and Kojic Acid provides effective lightening capabilities.

Seasonal Facial                                                                                           *$80

Ask about our seasonal facials! Indulge Yourself with the amazing benefits of seasonal fruits and ingredients. Not only will your skin feel like new, but you receive a one of a kind experience of the senses.

30 Minute Facial                                                                                         *$35

Great facial for those on the go , but looking for great results. Customized to any skin type, using the same amazing products offered in our signature facial. Includes a skin consultation *no extractions.

Teen Facial (45-min)                                                                                      *$45

This facial is suited for ages 12-17, great way to introduce proper skincare habits. The products used in this facial are both gentle and effective.*light extractions

Men's Facial (45-min)                                                                                         *$45

This result driven power facial will deep clean and invigorating even the toughest mans skin. Mild AHA peels banishes rough, congested skin, while a clay mask and light hydration give you that squeaky clean feeling without drying. And for you bearded gents a warm, deep cleansing mask specific for that course hair and neglected skin is included. Ladies look out!                   


 Face Enhancements: